Coach Mike Davis behind the mic on Kidz "n" Sports radio show.Kidz “n” Sports is about youth sports.  My motto is teach first, win later.

Kidz “n” Sports is about all ages and levels of youth sports, from tee-ball to teen, and even some college too.

My goal is to help parents and players navigate the oft times choppy waters of youth sports.  I am here to help your child have a more enjoyable experience, and hopefully a more successful one. has links for most sports:  governing bodies, related links, and a Wikipedia page for the sport.  More sites will be added.  These pages are to help you know where to go to get your child involved in youth sports.  Once you’re involved with youth sports, will discuss issues you face in youth sports:  How to get a scholarship; how to relate to coaches and officials; differences between rec, travel, and high school ball; and much more.

All of the information here is FREE.  Feel free to share it with other youth sports parents, players, and coaches.  Hopefully you will also support Kidz “n” Sports by purchasing items from the store or clicking on one of my affiliate links.

So if you are ready to begin, let’s play ball…..  or some other sport.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Kidz “n” Sports fans.

I am most thankful for the opportunity to coach the young ladies entrusted to me at Western High.  I am thankful also for all the coaches out there who give their time and talent to help the boys and girls on their teams to develop their athletic and academic skills.  Remember, the first word in Student-Athlete is STUDENT!

May God richly bless all of you over this holiday season.

Coach Mike

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What’s Goin’ On with Kidz “n” Sports!

Since Kidz “n” Sports is again taking a break from the air (internet) waves, and since it’s the end of the year, I am considering some new directions for Kidz “n” Sports.  But first, I need to get some information.  I will be sending out my newsletter later tonight.  If you haven’t subscribed please do so now.

I will sending out a survey with this newsletter and I very much want your input.  While I consider which directions are best to disseminate the Teach First, Win Later message, I would like you to tell me which information is most important to you.

So while I consider when, how, and where, I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell me what.  What is the information you find most valuable?  If you’re not getting the newsletter, feel free to send an email directly to me at, giving me your needs in the fantastic world of youth sports.

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Are you a HIGH SCHOOL coach AND a TRAVEL BALL coach?

It’s time for the holidays which means special deals. Well here’s the Kidz “n” Sports version of Black Friday. Except this special will run until Christmas.

Purchase 100 Custom Lineup Cards for your Travel Ball Team and I’ll throw in 30 lineup cards for your High School Team at no extra charge. And shipping is FREE!

Simply place your order on the Custom Lineup Cards page.  Once the order is placed you will receive an email to get details for your cards.

Lineup Cards with Roster

Custom Lineup Cards with Roster

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Most Awesome Play

A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook today.  How awesome it is!

Watch this video…the whole thing.  It just might make your day too!

Teach first, Win Later…

Coach Mike


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RIP Barry Grumman: You Will Be Missed in the Softball World.

I found out today that my friend Barry Grumman, head coach of the Newport Riptide organization has passed away.  One of Barry’s daughters, Sasha,  played for me when I coached at Newport Harbor which is when I met Barry.  Barry has always given me respect, support, and encouragement and has been a good person to discuss softball with.  I appreciate the advice he’s given me over the years.  Barry has helped me to be a better coach.  My prayers are with the family in their loss.  RIP Barry, and thank you.

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Yelling at the Kids and Paying for Sports

Last week was one of the best Kidz “n” Sports shows of all time.  If you didn’t catch it you can see/hear it on our You Tube link or on our Archive page.  If you have a problem with the coaches yelling at your kid in any youth sport you need to listen to our last two shows, especially last week’s show.  Each coach has their own methods, their own strategies, philosophies, and mannerisms.  We are all human.  We all have our days.  But what do you think is the best way to get your players to perform?

This week on Kidz “n” Sports we’re going to talk about Pay for Play.  How much should youth sports costs?  What about high school sports?  I suspect this is a subject that will carry over to next week as well.  Schools don’t have money.  The ACLU says schools cannot charge for sports.  What is a team to do?

If you have a solution, a story, a complaint, or comment about what you paid for your kids to play, we want to hear from you.  Call the show at (855)969-RANT (7268) or email us at  Kidz “n” Sports airs every Tuesday from 9 – 11 AM Pacific time on  You can also hear us on the TuneIn Radio App!

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