College Recruiting – How Young is Too Young?

Join me this week with my guests on Kidz “n” Sports at 10 AM Pacific time on  In studio will be former Hope International University athletic director Greg Pappas and Heybucket founder and sports dad John Cookson.

We will be discussing the recruiting of 7th and 8th graders by college coaches.  Is it too young?  Is it a good thing or could it hurt youth sports?  Join us tomorrow.  If you’d like more details sign up for my weekly newsletter.  I’ll be sending it out today and I’ll have some more details of the background of this discussion.  Don’t miss it.

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If you have a player that’s trying to gain an athletic scholarship, you may want to listen to the next couple of shows.  We will be talking about college recruiting and specifically, the recruiting of junior high players.  Next show is September 16th at 10 AM Pacific time.

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We will be setting up the upcoming shows for the most part today. I have a number of interesting rules from the NCAA recruiting regulations that I’m going to mention. And we will be talking about the two high school boys in Texas who leveled the ref from behind. Do you think they should be banned for life from football? Since they are seniors (so I heard) how much “football” life do they have left? Should the ref press charges? What else? You’ll have to tune in to find out. If you can’t catch the life show at, then please come back to catch the podcast.

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