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This category is for the men and women wearing the blue, zebras, grey, or whatever color they are wearing while officiating youth sports contests. This section may contain articles to help you improve your game, deal with parents and coaches, or sharing ideas between officials.

This IS Kidz “n” Sports

Coach Mike Davis behind the mic on Kidz "n" Sports radio show.Kidz “n” Sports is about youth sports.  My motto is teach first, win later.

Kidz “n” Sports is about all ages and levels of youth sports, from tee-ball to teen, and even some college too.

My goal is to help parents and players navigate the oft times choppy waters of youth sports.  I am here to help your child have a more enjoyable experience, and hopefully a more successful one. has links for most sports:  governing bodies, related links, and a Wikipedia page for the sport.  More sites will be added.  These pages are to help you know where to go to get your child involved in youth sports.  Once you’re involved with youth sports, will discuss issues you face in youth sports:  How to get a scholarship; how to relate to coaches and officials; differences between rec, travel, and high school ball; and much more.

All of the information here is FREE.  Feel free to share it with other youth sports parents, players, and coaches.  Hopefully you will also support Kidz “n” Sports by purchasing items from the store or clicking on one of my affiliate links.

So if you are ready to begin, let’s play ball…..  or some other sport.