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Custom Lineup Cards

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Check out the sample styles below. Cards are 4 part carbonless NCR paper. Then, follow the simple instructions to order custom lineup cards for your team.

Instructions for ordering your custom lineup cards.

After viewing the styles below, You can place your order with the Pay Pal button below.  There you can click on the lineup card item and place your order.  Note that we now offer exclusive purchase through Pay Pal, which you can use even if you do not have a Pay Pal account.  Also, NO EXTRA CHARGE on Cards with Roster.

Please note:  Custom lineup cards are printed in black ink (see examples below).  Color printing is available.  Pricing varies depending upon quantities and color options.  Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

And don’t forget, Standard Shipping in the U.S. is always FREE!

When you make your payment through Pay Pal, you will either see a LINK directing you back to this web site for instructions on submitting your information OR you will be automatically redirected back to

NOTE: If you are not redirected or if you do not see the link you can click here for information instructions.

Lineup Cards with Roster
Custom Lineup Cards with Roster
Regular Custom Lineup Cards
Regular Custom Lineup Cards
Custom Lineup Cards with Baseball Pitch Count
Custom Lineup Cards with Baseball Pitch Count



Introducing Custom Lineup Cards – High School Pack.
Special pricing is available for high school (or middle school) teams. The Varsity Only option consists of 30 sets of lineup cards. The Varsity/JV option will receive an additional 24 sets of cards for your JV team. And the complete package, Varsity/JV/Frosh-Soph includes an extra 16 sets of cards for your Frosh-Soph team. All prices are plus tax for orders in CA. Shipping is FREE!

Team Options

The Custom Lineup Cards – College Pack

Custom Lineup Cards for Colleges.  60 4-part Custom Lineup Cards for your college schedule.  If your schedule is more than 60 games, let me know how many more you need for this season and I’ll add them in (limit 10). Only $33.95 (plus tax for CA buyers only). Shipping is FREE!

The Custom Lineup Cards – In COLOR

You can now get your custom lineup cards in FULL COLOR!  Now you can add a color logo, or dress up your cards any number of ways. These are 3-Part NCR (not 4-part like the regular cards).   The minimum order is 100 cards.


13 thoughts on “Custom Lineup Cards”

  1. Before I order my team some of your Custom Lineup Cards, How do I make sure I am ordering the correct cards? I would like to order the Cards with my teams logo in the background.

    1. Greetings Tony:

      Most of the cards have the logo like a watermark in the background. Only on certain logos that don’t fade well, or if a customer requests to have the logo somewhere else, do I change that. Once you order the cards and provide me with the logo and information, I will design the card and send you a proof.


  2. Hi Mike, I was just wondering if you still have on file the kind of lineup cards I ordered last year for the Loveland Orioles? If you do I would like to order somemore but I do have some changes to be made. Please let me know and Iget back with you on the changes. Thank You

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