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Upcoming Show – August 10th,

We’re going to have a great show this coming Wednesday, August Eric Sondheimer, LA Times High School Sports Columnist10th.  First up I’ll be talking with LA Times High School Sports Columnist Eric Sondheimer.  Eric has been a guest on Kidz “n” Sports in the past.  He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our young players. Click here to see some of Eric’s articles in the L.A. Times.

During the 2nd half of the show, I’ll be talking with UMass-Lowell Assistant Softball Coach Bill Vasko.  Bill has served both as head and assistant coaches in the college ranks and was also involved with the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Division II Recruiting Committee, serving as the NCAA Division II chairperson in 2010-11. Bill is also the founder of Coachbook, a networking site for coaches. Click here to see Bill’s bio on the UMass-Lowell web site.

One of the topics that will come up this Wednesday is collegiate recruiting and it’s impact on youth sports.

So set your radio dial….er…your computer, to Adrenaline Radio every Wednesday at 9 AM PST. Can’t catch the live show, then check back here at www.kidznsports.com for the podcasts, which should be up the day after the live show.

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The Cost of Travel Ball and Early Specialization

This last week, all of our high school coaches received a message from CIF- Southern Section Commissioner of Athletics, Rob Wigod. This message is also posted on the CIF-SS web site.  Rob talks about the effect that elite travel ball/club ball and early specialization has had on high school sports.  This of course, goes along with the early recruiting epidemic that we have talked about on Kidz n Sports.

PARENTS:  I think you should pay attention to Rob’s message.  There are many “costs” of playing travel/club ball.  It is not just the fees you pay the team.  Nor is it just the money spent on private lessons or the expenses of traveling such as food and hotels.  There is a cost of time, a cost of your son or daughter sacrificing a good portion of their social life during their high school years.  And with all of the promises and opportunities of travel ball the results are still the same.  There are a very limited number of scholarships given out.  According to the NCAA web site the percentage of high school seniors that actually receive an athletic scholarship is only a few percent.

I am not against travel or club ball.  I think that travel ball can be a good experience even if you don’t get that scholarship.  My daughter played travel ball for about six or seven years.  She probably could have gotten a scholarship but at that time she didn’t want to go out of California, which limited her opportunity greatly.  But she wanted to play softball.  (Now she lives out of state….go figure).  We didn’t spend as much as many people do.  The teams we were on didn’t charge an arm and a leg.

I also think that the high school experience is being changed, and not necessarily for the better.  I’ve always said there is a different “pride” of winning a national title with your travel or club team and of winning a local or state title for your high school.  When you go back for your ten year reunion, your high school teammates can share the stories of your time together.  Ten years from now, your travel team may or may not still be there.  I see one team that we play against in our league where parents take their kids there when they should be at our school.  Then they are complaining to the coaches about playing time.  The high school experience is about sharing life, just like the band, or ASB, or any club you are part of.   It’s not always about just winning.  Parents, if you are having your children transfer two or three times during their four years what experience will they remember?  I still remember the bus trips with our cross country team chanting “We are the Lions, Mighty Mighty Lions, Everywhere We Go, People Want to Know Who We Are, So We Tell ’em”….  The trips after a race were often as fun or more so than running in the race.

So before you enter your child into high school, or before you put in for that next transfer because the coach didn’t put your son or daughter in the position you thought they should play or given them the playing time you think they should have received, I encourage you to read Rob’s letter.  I challenge you to go online and look at the NCAA stats.  Do a Google Search on early recruiting and athletic scholarships.  Talk to several parents: not just the one who’s kid received a scholarship, but to the others who didn’t.

And make sure your child’s youth sports experience is their experience first, not just yours.

Commissioner’s Message 6 – December 15, 2015


Catching up….

Greetings Fans:

I am finally getting caught up on my “daily” chores.  You will see a number of posts today as I update the links and highlight past shows.  Here’s the link to the September 10th show with Los Angeles Times High School Sports Columnist Eric Sondheimer.  Be patient, we had a problem hooking up Eric’s call but we finally got him on.  We discuss Academic Probation, Transfers, and more CIF Sports, especially football.

We’ll be talking High School Sports with Eric Sondheimer

My guest for tomorrow’s show will be Los Angeles Times High School Sports Columnist Eric Sondheimer.  Eric has been covering the So Cal high school sports scene for many years.  He always brings an excellent report to Kidz “n” Sports on the emerging stars and a good insight into what’s going on with issues such as transfers, grades, etc.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s show.

This week on Kidz “n” Sports

This week on Kidz “n” Sports we are going to be talking about Stopping the Tsunami in Youth Sports. What is the Tsunami you ask?

My guest will be Vincent J. (VJ) Stanley, the founder and president of Frozen Shorts. Stanley is on a mission to help change the paradigm of youth sports. He is a former college hockey player who later became a broadcaster and author. Stanley values the benefits of sports for our kids but also would like to see a change in the way competitive sports are run these days.

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Kidz “n” Sports is Back!

Beginning June 4th, Kidz “n” Sports will be back on the air.

After a two year hiatus, Kidz “n” Sports, the talk show about youth sports, will be back on the internet at the Rant Radio Network.  The show will air live from 9:00 AM

Coach Mike on Kidz "n" Sports
Coach Mike hosts Kidz “n” Sports, the internet radio talk show about youth sports.

to 11:00 AM every Tuesday morning with a podcast of the show available 24 hours a day.

Kidz “n” Sports, hosted by Coach Mike Davis, aired on Adrenaline Radio from 2006 to 2011.  Guests ranged from coaches and players to umpires and parents.  We had doctors on to talk about concussions in youth sports, something that is being taken much more seriously now with laws being passed in many states.  We’ve talked about most active youth sports.  We’ve had high school, college, and youth coaches on as well as players and officials.

What will the first show be about this time?  I’m still working on that.  But you can submit your requests via email to coachmike@kidznsports.com. Also, if you would like to advertise your business on Kidz “n” Sports, I want to hear from you as well.

The whole purpose of Kidz “n” Sports is to help parents help their children to learn from, enjoy, and be successful in their youth sports careers.  Whether a player goes on to play in college or quits playing sports after their freshman year in high school, we will have something for them.

So I hope you’ll tune in.  This new edition of Kidz “n” Sports will hopefully be better and more fun than ever before.