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Poll: Who’s responsible for our children’s success?

Who do you think is most responsible for our children’s success in the classroom or on the athletic field?  Do you take responsibility as the parent or is it the coaches and teachers who are responsible?  Or is there another answer?

Take this week’s poll and let me know what you think?


I’m looking for a guest who would like to discuss Responsibility this week on Kidz “n” Sports.  You can be a coach, a player, an umpire, an administrator…or even just a parent of a player.  Call me at (877)554-5952 extension 2.  Or you can send me email.

I try to teach my players to take responsibility for their success.  Whether it’s about a batting lesson, a strategy, or your grades….it’s the player’s responsibility to learn and grow.  Like I tell my players about hitting, if you can learn what you did wrong before I tell you then at some point you don’t need me to be your hitting coach because you can be your own hitting coach.  It’s about paying attention and ownership of your success.

I hope everyone is having a safe holiday weekend.  Remember don’t drink OR TEXT and drive.

Coach Mike