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RIP Barry Grumman: You Will Be Missed in the Softball World.

I found out today that my friend Barry Grumman, head coach of the Newport Riptide organization has passed away.  One of Barry’s daughters, Sasha,  played for me when I coached at Newport Harbor which is when I met Barry.  Barry has always given me respect, support, and encouragement and has been a good person to discuss softball with.  I appreciate the advice he’s given me over the years.  Barry has helped me to be a better coach.  My prayers are with the family in their loss.  RIP Barry, and thank you.


Check Out the High School and College Specials of Custom Lineup Cards

High school and college softball and baseball seasons will be here before you know it. Get prepared now with special prices for your Custom Lineup Cards. I know school budgets are tight so hopefully this will help out a little.

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New Way vs. Old Way – a discussion of catcher’s masks

I saw some interesting comments in a discussion a friend told me of.  Should catcher’s in baseball or softball throw off their masks when the batter pops up the ball?

The “Old Way” was that the catcher would throw off their mask to have better vision and to be able to better “find” the ball and make the catch.  The “New Way” pointed out that the new hockey style catcher’s masks have better visibility and therefore do not need to be tossed away.  Safety issues were mentioned including one person saying that when they were about 10 years old (who knows how long ago) upon discarding the mask to look for the pop foul, the batter continued to swing the bat and managed to hit the catcher.  (1 in 1000???  I’ve not heard that one before.)

So what is your thinking?  Throw the mask or keep it on?  Please vote in this poll and feel free to add your comments to the discussion below.

If the poll is not visible in your browser you can click this link to go to Constant Contact to take the poll.

Upcoming Shows include GOLF and SOFTBALL

Just a quick heads up.

I’ve been busy lining up some great shows for you.  This week it’s open conversation as I’ll be discussing a number of youth sports issues.  I hope you’ll join me by calling the show.  Do you have any pet peeves?  This is your chance to bring them to light on Kidz “n” Sports.

On August 13th I have a special guest on who teaches golf to young kids…at no charge.  On August 20th I’ll have a representative of ASA coming in which means we’ll be talking softball.  Who are these guests you might ask?  Sign up for my newsletter (see the button on the right), or you can wait until closer to showtime.

Teach first, win later….


Norwalk Represents in Arizona

Remember all of those fantastic young ladies that invaded the Rant Radio Studios a couple weeks ago?  Well, they went into the HEAT of battle (in more ways than one…in Phoenix), and although they didn’t win it all they came away feeling pretty good about their efforts.


Norwalk Girls Steal the Show

Yesterday was a blast.  The Norwalk Girls Softball 10u All-Star Team was in the house…er rather the Rant Radio towers.  We had a lot of fun.  I was, as I often am, quite impressed with the interviews I get with young players.  Kids will often surprise you with their wisdom and wit.  You can check the show out at www.RantRadioNetwork.com or visit my ARCHIVE page.

These girls are going to ASA B Western Nationals in Phoenix next week.  They are having a fundraiser this Friday.  If you’re in the Norwalk area, stop by and help them out.

NGS Pizza Fund Raiser
Help the Norwalk Girls Softball 10u All Star Team and fill your belly at the same time with some PIZZA.