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Last week on Kidz “n” Sports we talked about coaches yelling at players.  Is it ok?  What if it’s YOUR kid that being yelled at?  What if a player makes a lot of mistakes?  What is your thinking about how coaches treat their players?  We are going to continue this conversation this week (October 1st).  Author/Coach V.J. Stanley is going to join us and weigh in on this subject.  You can join us too.  Listen to last week’s show then call us this Tuesday at (855)969-7268.  Kidz “n” Sports airs from 9 – 11 AM every Tuesday on www.RantRadioNetwork.com.  If you miss the live show you can still catch it ON Demand at Rant Radio or on our Archive page.

This week on Kidz “n” Sports

This week on Kidz “n” Sports we are going to be talking about Stopping the Tsunami in Youth Sports. What is the Tsunami you ask?

My guest will be Vincent J. (VJ) Stanley, the founder and president of Frozen Shorts. Stanley is on a mission to help change the paradigm of youth sports. He is a former college hockey player who later became a broadcaster and author. Stanley values the benefits of sports for our kids but also would like to see a change in the way competitive sports are run these days.

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