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When filling out a new house, the first piece of furniture you should think about in order to meet your essential needs is a bed. This one piece of furniture must really be thought about in order to meet the needs.

Talking about the Bar fridges, there are various types of beds that we can choose based on size. These bed types include twin or single beds, double or full beds, Queen beds, standard Kings or Eastern Kings, and California Kings or Western Kings.

So, what distinguishes one bed from another? Here is a detailed explanation:

#1 Custom Bed

This type of bed has not been mentioned before, because it is customizable or can be customized.
Those of you who need a bed with a special size can choose this one custom bed. There are several manufacturers who are ready to provide beds that can be adjusted in size.
However, something that you should really pay attention to in choosing this type of bed is finding the right mattress size. This makes you also have to find a mattress with a special size to fit the bed.

#2 Twin, Single and Extra Long Twin in Bed

Beds with twin, single, and extra long twin sizes have more or less the following details:
Twin & Single Bed

Twin beds are actually the same as single beds. This type is the most common choice if you are looking for a bed for a child’s room or guest room.

If by chance the available room is small, then this one furniture can be easily inserted.
Usually, this bed has a trundle underneath. This trundle is an extra bed under the bed that can accommodate the second guest who happens to be staying. In addition, this type of bed is widely used for bunk beds.

Overall Dimensions: 1.9 m (length) x 1 m (width)
Pros: Its small size makes it easy for this bed to fit into small rooms. The sheets needed to cover this bed also tend to be smaller and cheaper than others. In addition, creating a room with twin beds also tends to be very easy.

Cons: The length of this standard bed is mostly too short for adults.

Extra Long Twin Bed

This single bed is 13 cm longer than standard twin or single beds. Usually, these beds are present in many college dorm rooms for use by students.

Overall Dimensions: 2m (length) x 1m (width)

Pros: The longer bed size makes the extra long twin bed suitable for teenagers and adults who are tall. If you need flexibility in the guest room, you can bring extra long twin beds.

This bed can be used as a single bed or a king-sized bed when the two beds are put together.
Cons: This bed is a bit hard to find and doesn’t have many variants

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#3 Double/Full or Queen-Size Bed

This bed size is suitable for a room with a normal size. However, many couples feel that this bed tends to be too narrow for everyday use. Except if this bed is used for an occasional night’s sleep such as in a villa or hotel.

This bed does not require too much space and can still provide enough sleeping area for each user.

Double/Full Bed

This bed is 38 cm wider than a twin bed. However, if the double/full bed is divided into two, each one is only 70 cm wide. This width is much smaller than a single bed.

While the Queen bed is 16 cm wider than a double/full bed. This makes the Queen bed has more space for each user. However, the size is still 23 cm narrower than a twin bed.

A double bed (also known as a full bed) was the most common bed used to sleep two people until the 1960s. This bed is only 38 cm wider than a single bed, but only leaves a sleeping area for each adult of 69 cm wide. Its 190cm length makes this bed perhaps too short for some taller adults.

Overall Dimensions: 1.9 m (length) x 1.3 m (width)

Width per Person: 69 cm

Pros: Fits in small rooms. Suitable for users whose height is under 165 cm. The sheets are cheaper than for a Queen or King size bed.

Cons: Many people feel the double bed is too narrow for 2 adults and too short.
Queen-Size Beds

This bed is 53 cm wider and 12 cm longer than a twin bed. It is 15 cm wider and 12 cm longer than a double bed. Although the dimensions of the queen bed are still better than the double bed, each adult in this bed is still 23 cm less wide than when they sleep on a twin bed.

This bed is suitable for guest rooms and small master bedrooms. It is also a good choice for couples who like to snuggle.

Overall Dimensions: 2 m (length) x 1.5 m (width)

Width per Person: 76 cm

Pros: This bed provides more space for 2 adults than a double bed. Its size which is 12 cm longer is suitable for adults. In addition, sheets and blankets for this bed are easy to find and cost less.
Disadvantages: The personal space for each person is only 76 cm wide (8 cm wider than a double bed) making this bed maybe too narrow for a couple’s daily sleeping activities. There is even a bed that is said to be a double bed or a Queen bed, but the size is not like the original standard. Therefore, make sure the dimensions of the bed you buy have the right size and are comfortable.

#4 King-Size Bed

This bed may be quite confusing to you. This is because the King-size bed has four names and two different bed sizes.

The first name is standard King bed or Eastern King bed, while the second is California King bed or Western King bed. The standard King bed is 10 cm wider, while the California King bed is 10 cm longer.

When two people sleep in a King-size bed, they will get the same amount of private sleeping space as a twin bed. Then if you put two extra long twin beds together, they will be almost the same size as the Eastern King bed.

If you want to create a comfortable guest bedroom, you can use 2 extra long twin beds if your guests are not a couple. You can put the two beds together and form a King-size bed if your guests happen to be a couple.

Standard King Bed or Eastern King Bed

These beds are 41 cm wider than Queen-size beds, but they are the same length. This piece of furniture is sold with two springs or box frames and one mattress. This is what makes the standard king bed easy to move.

Overall Dimensions: 2 m (length) x 1.9 m (width)

Width per Person: 97 cm

Pros: As the widest bed usually available in the store, the standard king bed is the most comfortable bed for two adults. With a length of 2 meters, this bed is enough for most people. Sheets labeled “king-size” are suitable for standard king beds.

Cons: This bed is not suitable for a single user. It is quite difficult for users to carry this bed upstairs, through a narrow hallway, and place it in a small room. In addition, he was not long enough for a very tall person. The price is quite expensive and this bed requires 3 standard pillows or 2 queen or king pillows.

California King Bed or Western King Bed

California King bed or Western King bed is 30 cm wider and 10 cm longer than Queen-size bed. This bed is the longest bed available in the store. This makes it suitable for wear by tall people,
Like the Eastern King bed, the California King bed is equipped with one mattress and two half-width box springs that are easy to adjust on the move. A very tall person can sleep on this bed from corner to corner comfortably.

Overall Dimensions: 2.1 m (length) x 1.8 m (width)

Width per Person: 91 cm

Pros: California King bed is wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably. It is also the bed with the longest size. This makes it suitable for use by tall people.

Cons: This one mattress is quite difficult to move. It’s not easy to carry it up stairs, through narrow hallways, or to place it in a small bedroom.

Those are the four types of beds that you can choose to place in your room. Make sure the size of the bed according to the room where he is. You also have to determine how many people use the bed of your choice, to keep each user’s personal space sufficient.