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What is Ipe wood? And more importantly, how does it differ from other wood?

Ipe is a popular variety of hardwood that is popular for outdoor furniture. The term “Ipe” comes from the name of the Indonesian nation; “Isawa” in Borneo. In Indonesia, Ipe is used for making furniture, because it has low moisture content and high resistance to insects and decay.

How does Ipe compare to other woods? Well, there are some different types of Ipe. One is the Red Ipe, which is a dark brown wood that is very dense. This type of pipe is used for furniture because it has a natural dark color with little variation in color.

There is also the White Ipe. This type of Ipe is light brown with bright white variations. Although the White Ipe has less variation in color than the Red Ipe, this type of Ipe is known for its wood’s hardness to the point that it can be cut into items with a higher moisture content than other types of Ipe.

Another type of Ipe is the Light Red Ipe. Light Red Ipe has a darker color than the other two types of Ipe. Light Red Ipe is more dense than the other types of Ipe.

In order to understand how Ipe compares to other types of wood, one must first know the hardness or softness of the wood. Some common woods include Cherry, Birch, Maple, Oak, and Beech.

Cherry wood is considered the softest of the softwoods. It is also the most expensive of all softwoods. Ipe lumber for sale is the next most expensive softwood, while the Birch wood is considered the least expensive of all softwoods.

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Birch wood is harder than the other softwoods. Although not as dense as the other softwoods, Birch wood has low moisture content. Because of its lower moisture content, Birch wood is also resistant to fungus and insects. As with most other softwoods, Birch wood is the heaviest of all softwoods.